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    ASIASIM - Federation of Asia Simulation Societies


    ASIASIM, the Federation of Asia Simulation Societies, was set up in 2011. The purpose of ASIASIM is to provide a Asia forum for regional and national simulation societies to promote the advancement of modelling and simulation in industry, research and development.


    ASIASIM Member Societies, Observer Societies and Associated Societies / Groups


    Each Asia country is represented by its Modelling and/or Simulation Society, or by a federation of regional societies. These societies, the ASIASIM Member Societies, form the kernel of ASIASIM.

    ASIASIM welcomes new national societies. New candidates become ASIASIM Observer Societies and later ASIASIM Member Societies if they fulfil appropriate conditions.

    ASIASIM also welcomes Associate Groups/Societies. International Societies, Regional Societies, Application Groups, User Groups etc. dealing with modelling and simulation are invited to co-operate with ASIASIM.


    ASIASIM Conferences, Events


    ASIASIM organises the ASIASIM congress, the member societies organise their conferences as ASIASIM Conference, and ASIASIM offers the trademark ASIASIM event for conferences on modelling and simulation.

    • Asia Simulation Conference (AsiaSim) was an annual international conference organized go-around by three Asia Simulation Societies: CASS, JSST and KSS since 1999. From 2012, it becomes a series conference of the Federation of Asian Simulation Societies (ASIASIM) that was established in 2011. The International Conference on System Simulation and Scientific Computing 2012 (ICSC 2012) is a prolongation of the Beijing International Conferences on System Simulation and Scientific Computing (BICSC) sponsored by CASS since 1989. The event is to bring together outstanding researchers in modeling & simulation and scientific computing areas to share their expertise and experience. Sponsored by the Federation of Asian Simulation Societies (ASIASIM)
    • ASIASIM Events. The trademark ASIASIM Event is offered to societies and groups organising international conferences on modelling and simulation (benefits for members and organisers).

    Benefits for Members of Societies


    ASIASIM itself is a Federation of regional or national simulation societies, which itself may be federations of regional societies. Members (personal members, institutional members, industry members, etc.) receive benefits from the ASIASIM membership:

    • Reduced conference fee at ASIASIM Congress, ASIASIM Conferences and ASIASIM Events
    • Information (Proceedings, News, ARGESIM Comparisons via the ASIASIM Web Server (special member service in preparation)

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