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    Principles of the Federation of Asian Simulation Societies (ASIASIM)

    1.  Name:           The Federation of Asian Simulation Societies (ASIASIM)
    is founded to build close and cooperative relationship among societies of simulation science and technology in Asian countries or regions.

    2.  Purpose:         ASIASIM is a loosely coupled forum of national or regional modeling and simulation (M&S) societies and does not have any authority to interfere with activities of the member societies.

    3.  Activities:       ASIASIM promotes various kinds of activities of common interest of its member societies under its name, e.g.,

    a. Organizes conferences, workshops and other events on M&S

                            b. Stimulates publication activities

                            c. Promotes knowledge-transfer, mobility between members of the societies

                            d. Promotes joint research

                            e. Supports other activities of common interest.

    4.  “Asia Simulation Conference <year> (AsiaSim<year>)”:

                            ASIASIM  organizes the international conference “Asia Simulation Conference <year> (AsiaSim<year>)” annually in principle:

                            a. Host societies of the annual AsiaSim<year> are decided by ASIASIM Council (see   section 5)

                            b. Each member society of ASIASIM makes recommendations of proper constituent members for the international advisory committee and the program committee of AsiaSim<year>.

                            c. Expenses of  AsiaSim<year> are paid by the host society of the conference.

                            d. Revenues of AsiaSim<year> belong to the host society of the conference.

                            e. Every member of the ASIASIM Council  can organize AsiaSim<year> in his/her country or region, even if  a M&S society has not been founded in his/her country or region.

    5. Membership in the ASIASIM Council:

                            a. Each member society can nominate up to 2 representatives as members of the Council.

    b. For a country or region where a M&S society has not been founded, up to two representatives can become non-voting members of the ASIASIM Council until the society is founded in the future. 

                            c. The Council can nominate additional members without voting rights.

    6.  Administration: Decisions of ASIASIM are made by the ASIASIM Council.

                            a. Each member society has one vote.

                            b. One representative of a member society becomes chairperson of the Council for 2 years. Chairpersonship is rotating between all member societies.  The chairperson can nominate vice-chairperson(s), which requires acceptance of the ASIASIM Council.

                            c. The Council holds face-to-face meetings at every AsiaSim<year> and at other appropriate occasions besides daily E-mail or network-based discussion.

                            d. Decisions of the Council are made during a meeting or by mailed votes. Decisions require majority vote of all Council members, except for changes of these Principles which require unanimous voting of all Council members.

                            e. By written statement of a Council representative he/she can give a proxy.

    Seoul / Korea, November 17th, 2011

    We agree on the above principles of the ASIASIM:


    Name/Signature:                                                              Name/Signature:                               

    Society/Country: President CASS / P.R.China              Society/Country:President JSST/Japan


    Name/Signature:                                            Name/Signature:

    Society/Country: President KSS / Korea               Society/Country: Singapore



    Society/Country: Malaysia



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